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1. What is virtual office service and its benefits are?

Virtual office, in other words, is that you "rent" an office address. This place is the business address of your company where you have receptionist to answer your phone calls, you have conference rooms, lounge and office stationeries to use when you need. However, your cost of ownership is very low for such an office.

First, you will save the maximum cost for a high-quality office. Second, you will have a trustworthy partner to build your company's professional image and maintain good relationships with customers.

2. I am working from home/ I have to go on business frequently. Beside virtual office services, can CSC Business Center offer any other services that are in accordance with my business?

Together with virtual office services, we also provide you another smart and saving solution called flexible hotdesking model. In which, CSC Executive Business Center perfectly meets your demand of a quiet place to work with full amenities. In addition, you are also supported by our enthusiastic and professional staff in daily administrative tasks.

3. What am I provided when using CSC Business Center services?

You do not have to spend a considerable amount of money on fixed cost such as furniture, air conditioner, printer, scanner, photocopier, phone, fax, projector, etc. and the variable cost such as rent, office staff and other utility costs.

4. What is business address?

Business address is needed to build your company’s professional image. It is important to make an impression and raise the confidence on your customers when you have to contact them and make transactions.

Business address is presented by:

- Company’s name listing/ signboard;
- Nice location in Hanoi’s heart;
- Using meeting room with preferred cost;
- Nice office staff;
- Using business address, fax, phone number as in your business card and
company’s letterhead.

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