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Why is serviced office a smart choice?

Why is serviced office a smart choice?

Why is serviced office a smart choice?

Over the last two years, many experts have helped increase awareness as to the benefits of business centers, particularly among startups and representative offices of international companies, who need impressive offices with small footprints.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of a business center is that a tenant can walk immediately into a fully-furnished and equipped office, which is of the highest quality, regularly maintained, cared for and updated right after they sign a service contract. A serviced office provides such flexibility and businesses can avoid the risk of being caught in long term leases, as well as the cost and effort of expanding or reducing the size and scope of their office premises. This frees up management time and funds that can be better spent on growing the business.

CSC Business Center


Furthermore, while at first glance, the traditional rental office space provides a sense of lower costs as compared to serviced offices based on the rates calculated per square metre, tenants in service offices do not have to pay for common areas, reception, air conditioning and cleaning costs and more importantly the costs of fitting out, furnishing and equipping the office (as well as the maintenance costs). Taking all this into account, businesses may find it more efficient and economical to take space in a serviced office.

Reception area and support staff - CSC Business Center


Many foreign investors when entering the Vietnam market often establish representative offices with only 2-3 employees, primarily aiming to explore the market. These employees also usually spend a substantial amount of time out of the office.

In the fast-paced business environment, businesses need to be able to expand their companies including office premises and facilities, in times of growth, and yet have the flexibility to cut back if required to reduce their business costs.

Business centers meet these criteria by giving flexible and collaborative workspaces, and providing a more communal purpose-built space.

CSC Business Center's serviced office 


CSC Business Center - Office lounge


Source: Vietnamnet; Tuoitrenews

Photo: CSC Business Center


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